NeXT Computer Brochure

Below are thumbnails of the original 1-foot square NeXT brochure which matched the exact dimensions of the computer itself.

Where possible the brochure has been reformatted in HTML for easier web viewing.  The thumbnails represent the original layout.


Page 1



Welcome to the NeXT decade.

Page 1



(Blank Inside Cover)


Page 2

Page 3

The System

Page 1

Page 4

Page 5

A mainframe on two chips

Page 6

Page 7

What the future has in storage

Page 8

Page 9

NeXT breaks the sound barrier

Page 10

Page 11

Projecting the right image

Page 12

Page 13

UNIX for mere mortals

Page 14

Page 15

We built a library that's physically impossible

Page 16

Page 17

Our most important promise is in the mail

Page 18

Page 19

A revolution for developers

Page 20

Page 21

Unlimited partnerships

Page 22

Page 23

The 1990's: Enter here

Page 24

Page 25

(Back Cover)

Page 26