One of the most important considerations in selecting a computer is the way it performs today.  Of equal importance is the room it allows for growth in the future.

By this, we do not refer to a physical ability to accommodate extra memory chips or expansion cards.  Rather, we address the greater issue of "headroom": whether the machine itself is capable of absorbing major innovation, or has already reached its peak.

In the preceding pages, you've seen how the NeXT Computer offers a technology that can be put to full use today.  You've also seen how it provides a platform for future development with seven breakthroughs.

The NeXT Computer's architecture achieves new levels of throughput, allowing the machine to perform simultaneous operations efficiently - in much the same way as a mainframe does.

Its optical drive makes it possible for day-to-day applications to call upon vast resources, to manipulate not just pages of information, but entire books' worth.

Its ability to produce CD-quality sound means we will see applications that let us interact with the computer in entirely new ways, using sound cues as well as visual ones.

The unified imaging system allows the user to reap the benefits on the screen that have previously only been available on the printed page.

The NeXT Computer's graphical, intuitive UNIX interface allows even a novice user to sit down at the computer an immediately enjoy the advantages of a full multitasking environment.

The expansion of Mail into multi-media communication allows electronic messages to be every bit as complete as human communication, right down to the spoken word.

And the NextStep development environment brings the power of the graphic interface to the programmers themselves, to allow faster design, creation and modification of applications.

All of these breakthroughs combine to create almost unimaginable room for growth.

A developer about to create software for the NeXT Computer will see more potential than in any computer ever designed for popular use.  With these features standard in every NeXT System, new levels of performance can be built into applications without requiring the user to invest in a single piece of additional equipment.  That alone removes one of the greatest roadblocks to the creation of more powerful software.  And the potential for the developer is transferred directly to the user.

The future aside, though, NeXT technology allows for a very productive present.

The partnerships that NeXT has formed with Higher Education, software developers and Businessland all contribute to the usability of NeXT technology today.  Literally out of the box, the NeXT Computer runs more software than has ever run on a revolutionary new platform - without requiring even a single visit to a software store.  And many other major developers have already announced their commitment to releasing software for NeXT users.

Those who chose to put NeXT technology to work will find an immediate source of equipment and technical support in Businessland, with its many locations nationwide.  Not only does Businessland have the resources to meet individual and corporate needs, its years of experience in networking ensure that NeXT Computers can be completely integrated into environments of mixed manufacture.

Now that you're more familiar with NeXT technology, we invite you to experience it firsthand.  If you are part of a university community already using NeXT Computers, contact your campus computer center.  Otherwise, simply visit your nearest Businessland location.

As many will enthusiastically confirm, your first experience with the NeXT Computer System will be as captivating as the first time you ever used a computer.

A personal demonstration will give you an opportunity to explore, and provide ample evidence that the NeXT decade has begun.