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Python Source Code and Modules

Python GUI Options

I need to write some programs that use GUI. Python TKinter is available on all versions of Python, but on the Mac it is slow to start and uses XWindows. Here are some options I'm thinking of:

  • wikibooks has a page on Python Program/GUI Programming options

Books on Tkinter:

Other options:

  • Uses FLTK, the Fast Light Toolkit

Python Training

I've seen these and highly recommend them:

To Watch

I haven't seen these yet:

Python 3.0 training

Printed Materials

Python Installation

If you are using a Mac, you almost certainly want to ditch Apple's python implementation and instead install your own from:

If you want everybody to be able to use your GUI, you probably want to write it in Tkinter (Python's Tcl/Tk bindings). If you want to actually enjoy what you are writing, you want to use wxpython.

On the Mac, you can install matplotlib with this command using MacPorts::

 % sudo port install py-matplotlib py-ipython