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Python Source Code and Modules

  • jupyter notebook

Numerical Analysis

  • numpy - numeric analysis in python (needed for matplotlib)
  • tabulate - create tables easily



Python GUI Options

I need to write some programs that use GUI.

  • tkinter - built in
  • wikibooks has a page on Python Program/GUI Programming options

Books on Tkinter:

Other options:

  • Uses FLTK, the Fast Light Toolkit

Python Training

I've seen these and highly recommend them:

Printed Materials

Python Installation

If you are using a Mac, you almost certainly want to ditch Apple's python implementation and instead install your own from:

If you want everybody to be able to use your GUI, you probably want to write it in Tkinter (Python's Tcl/Tk bindings). If you want to actually enjoy what you are writing, you want to use wxpython.

On the Mac, you can install matplotlib with this command using MacPorts::

 % sudo port install py-matplotlib py-ipython

Image Manipulation

Use Pillow, the Python2/3 fork of Python Image Library (PIL)

On Mac, install with:

   % sudo port install py27-Pillow py33-Pillow


Python Graphics (mostly with