Smartcard Holder's Bill of Rights

From Simson Garfinkel
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  1. 'NO HIDDEN INFORMATION. Smart card users have the right to know what kind of information is stored on the cards that they carry.
  2. PERSONAL TRANSPARENCY. If the information on your card is pertains to the cardholder, that person has the right to know not just what kind of information is stored, but specifically what data is in place, and what it means.
  3. DATA CORRECTABILITY. If the information on the card is incorrect, the cardholder has an absolute right to have it corrected.
  4. CARD SECURITY. If a card is lost, stolen, or seized, it must be not possible to use the card in a way that would damage the cardholder's interests.
  5. APPLICATION RECOVERABILITY. There must be a way for card holders to recover after a card is lost.

(c) 1999 Simson L. Garfinkel