Privacy Final Project Ideas

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  • Measure the prevalence of browser fingerprinting on the web.
  • Develop a browser plug-in that defeats browser fingerprinting.
  • Map out the purpose and impact of different JavaScript libraries that are downloaded by major websites.
  • Analyze the top 1000 websites and determine which are the most popular JavaScript downloads? Which are the most popular?
  • Perform a re-analysis of data published by another privacy researcher.
  • Examine data available from a website for private information.
  • Systematically Search online documents for metadata and invisible information.
  • Develop a workable implementation of a multi-party computation system
  • Develop a workable implementation of a system that performs search on encrypted data.
  • Perform an analysis of articles discussing privacy that have appeared in CACM, or Crypto, or some other venue.
  • Perform a novel analysis of leaked passwords
  • Examine the use of real names and real IP addresses in Wikipedia

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