Presentation Recommendations

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If you are creating a presentation, here are some recommendations:

General Recommendations

The first step is to make sure you tell a good story. Often the trick, when faced with tight time bounds, is to *highlight* the best results while pointing to the paper for details. Your goal isn't to retell the whole paper but to convince the viewer that they need to go read the paper.

My go-to source for slides is Michael Ally’s work in the area: The Craft of Scientific Presentations:

Here are some links:

Each headline should explain the point of the slide. If you use sentence headlines, your slides will tell the story themselves.

Stylistic and Typographic Recommendations

  • Be sure there is a page number on each slide.
  • Be careful about pasting in screen shots — frequently you are better off pasting in text and letting PowerPoint or Keynote or Acrobat render the fonts with the computer's anti-aliased fonts.