Notes on disconnected (offline) (air-gapped) networks

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Python modules:

Download all of the python modules with

   pip wheel [package] -w /tmp 


   pip download [package] -d /tmp --no-binary :all:

Problem: you are on MacOS running Python 3.9 but need to download linux x86 for Python 3.6:

    pip3 download -d . --python-version 36 --abi cp36 --platform linux_x86_64 --no-deps lxml

Note that this still builds the module (to get the metadata). To avoid building (discussion), specify:

    --no-deps --no-binary :all: --no-build-isolation pandas

This would be a good time to read the pip download documentation.

Problem: You need to trace Python3 dependencies.

Solution use johnnydep, which is available on pypi:

Johnnydep demo