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April 1, G009

Relationship changed from Married to Single?

In a relationship that's complicated and started looking around?

Are you a Sweet 16 that's never been kissed?

Google Knows, Google Understands, and Google is here to help!

Introducing Google Match Beta

Google Match takes social networking to new heights with it's new free online dating service that's incredibly easy to use.

In fact, Google Match is so easy to use that you're already using it---just by using Google!

Unlike other online dating services, Google Match automatically finds people who are compatible with without forcing them to register for the service.

Google Match starts by examining your email and search history to determine if you are single, married, single and looking, married and looking, married but willing to consider something better that comes along, married but interested in hooking up with other couples, or whatever. Google examines your online restaurant and movie reviews to see the foods and entertainment you enjoy. Google Match even examines your medical records (if your doctor participates in Google Health) to determine your current level of physical activity, your HIV status, as your expected life span. All of this goes into assembling your Google Psycho Compatibility Profile (GPCP)---Google's complete understanding of what makes you tick.

Next, Google Match goes on the prowl, searching out compatible dates, mates, flings, or whatever. Using the reverse auction method pioneered for Google Adwords and Google Adsense, Google Match runs multiple simulations comparing the results of likely dating scenarios between you and all of the potential GDates within your geographical area. Google Match will also consider photos that you and your potentials have uploaded to Google Picassa, just to make sure that you and your potential don't already know each other.

Finally, Google Match will alert you that your perfect match has been found with a discrete notice at the top of your Google search results. If you like what Google's found, we'll give you an opportunity to drop a note into your soulmate's inbox.

Best of all, like all Google services, Google Match is Free! It's just a nice benefit you get from being a frequent Google user and sharing your information with us.

UPDATE: HOW TO OPT-OUT: Since the launch of Google Match last year, we've learned that some people would like to opt-out of the Google Match Network. Although the initial "soft-launch" of Google Match had no opt out, Google Heard and Google has responded! With Google Match opt-out, you can easily opt-out of the Google Match network by simply uploading to us all of the email addresses and names of people that you do not want to be matched with. Google thinks that this is the easiest and most efficient technique to allow you to opt-out of the wonders of Google Match while keeping the value of Google Match intact for the other Google Match users. (Remember, this is the way that the Internet works)