Summer 2020 Interns

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Interested in a Summer 2020 virtual internship? Here's what I need from you:

  1. Look over the Current Research page and see what you think is interesting.
  2. Email me a letter of interest with your resume and a topic or two that you would like to work on. (You can take one of mine or propose your own). Be sure that I can identify:
    • The programming languages you know.
    • Your writing skills
    • If you know LaTeX or are willing to learn it.
    • Your GitHub username
    • The specific skills, if any, that you want to learn this summer.
    • If you want to work solo on a project this summer, or if you want to collaborate with another intern.
  3. We will use GitHub to manage the internship, using GitHub issues to keep track of what we are working on. Collaborative documents will either be written in LaTeX in a GitHub repo associated with that project.
  4. If I'm interested in your project, I'll ask you to create a schedule that identifies:
    • The dates of the Internship. The start must be after May 1st and the end must be before September 1st.
    • The minimum viable product (MVP) for your summer internship - What you hope to accomplish.
    • The individual tasks that will go into the MVP.
    • For each task: when it starts, when it is completed, your estimate of how many hours it will require, and the success criteria. (Each of these tasks should represent more than 4 hours of work and less than 20).
  5. Create a GitHub repo (it can be private or public) and put your schedule into it. Add @simsong as a collaborator and email me with the URL of the repo.
  6. I will add you to the summer-2020-interns repo on GitHub. This is a private repo that I will be using as the collaboration point between me and all of the interns. Each intern will have access to this.

My plan is that I'll have weekly one-on-one meetings with each Intern this summer, and we'll have a group chat or a something (I'm not opposed to slack, but I'd rather keep everything on GitHub if possible) where all of the interns can collaborate with each other, even those who are working on different projects.

This page is subject to change without notice, so do check back from time-to-time.

About the Summer 2020 Internship Program

The Summer 2020 Internship program will run from May 21st, 2020 through August 6, 2020, although students may start and end late. The internship is unpaid, but students working with me will get:

  • Regularly scheduled phone or video conferences to discuss their progress.
  • The opportunity to collaborate on submitted research papers, and their name as a co-author on any papers that are submitted based on research that they participate in.
  • References/recommendations that can be used for future academic programs or employment.