Notes on Final Papers

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For students

Sections you should have

  • Background
  • Prior work
  • What you did
  • Results and Evaluation. (Be sure to *explain* how you evaluated what you did, and why this evaluation is valid.)
  • Summary


  • Include headers on pages 2-Last with Name, the date, and course
  • Include footer on every page with page number
  • Sections should be numbered

On finding references

Instead of typing search terms into Google, try:

On references

  • References should appear *in the text* of what you write as footnotes or end-notes.
  • There is no need to include a list of "sources" at the end of your paper; your bibliography is the list of references
  • References should be in ACM or IEEE style. Be sure to include author(s), title, publication venue, and date. Do not include just a URL.
  • If you are writing a literature review, you should discuss how you found your references, including your search terms and the venues that you searched, so that you can claim that you have performed a *systematic* literature review.
  • Reference every source that you use, no matter how trivial.
  • If your reference is more than 20 pages, include the page number of where the specific item was found.

For Faculty

  • Don't write what the papers do wrong, write how they could be improved.