Marian S. Garfinkel (1932-2020)

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My mother Marian S. Garfinkel died on August 28th, 2020.


Due to the pandemic, we were only able to have a small graveside service. That ceremony took place at 11:00am on August 30th, 2020, at the Roosevelt Memorial Park. It was performed by Rabbi Jeff Schnitzer.

You can read the eulogy here.

Online Tribute

I have set up a FlipGrid website has been set up where people can post 2-minute videos. The website can use the camera built in to your phone or laptop if you allow it. It works best with Google Chrome.

Click here for Marian Garfinkel's FlipGrid.

Marian S. Garfinkel's Wikipedia Page

September 8, 2020 obituary in the Philadelphia Inquirer by Valerie Russ

September 17, 2020 obituary in the Jewish Exponent by Sophie Panzer

August 2021 Memorial Service

We are planning a memorial service for the unveiling of Marian Garfinkel's head stone.

The memorial service will be on August 29th, 2021, 11am - 1pm. Please arrive by 10:30am.

This will be a time for many of my mother's friends to get together and properly note her passing. The service will provide my mother's friends a chance to make statements about my mother's life and work. My mother's favorite foods and deserts will be provided.

I am also hoping that my friends in the Philadelphia area who knew my mother will come to help mark the day.

The service will feature a light meal. It will be at 4345 Orchard St. Philly PA 19124, the event space operated by Balboa Catering.

The memorial service will be broadcast using Zoom, although we hope that people will be able to attend in person.

To receive updates about plans for the memorial service, please enter your name on this Google Form.

Please let me know if you are interested in speaking at the service.

Speakers at the service so far include:

  • Sandy Lewis
  • Simson Garfinkel

Designated Charity

Donations in Marian Garfinkel's name can be made to Linden Hall School for Girls in Lititz Pennsylvania, where she taught for two years.

Stories of my mother

I am collecting stories of my mother that I plan to publish in a memoir called (her title), "The Kosher Butcher's Daughter." If you have any such stories, please feel free to email them to me.

I have scanned my mother's dissertation. You can access it here: