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I do most of my work on Macs because I like having a full Unix operating system, I like having well-integrated graphical tools, I like having hardware that's highly integrated with the software, and I like having other people worry about the system administration. The Mac is a great system, but I've also found that there are some programs that make it a lot easier to use:

If you want to cross-compile for Windows, then:

    1. sudo port install i386-mingw32-binutils i386-mingw32-gcc i386-mingw32-libunicows i386-mingw32-runtime i386-mingw32-w32api

File System Tools

You may find these file systems useful for interacting with others:

Other Free Software

I find these these free software applications useful:

  • Adium
  • Skim-App, open source tool for editing and annotating PDF files.
  • BibDesk, which many peole use to maintain a BibTeX database.
  • Sage, Open source Math Software

Commercial Software

These commercial applications should be installed:

  • Microsoft Office 2008 (Institutional install)
  • Apple iWork 09 (for Keynote)
  • Apple iLife '09 (for iPhoto with face recognition)
  • Cisco VPN Client

Other Installations

You may find these interesting

See Also

Other places to look for cool Mac stuff: