Automated Computer Forensics

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We are developing a variety of techniques and tools for performing Automated Document and Media Exploitation (ADOMEX). The thrust of this research consists of several thrusts:

  1. Developing open source tools for working with electronic evidence. This work is part of the AFF project.
  2. Developing an unclassified Real Data Corpus (RDC) consisting of "real data from real people" that can be used to develop new algorithms and test automated tools.
  3. Developing new algorithms and approaches for working in a "data-rich environment."

Recent Research Developments

We have developed a batch analysis tool called system called fiwalk which can take a disk image and produce an XML file corresponding to all of the files, deleted files, orphan files, and all of the extracted file metadata from a disk image. This XML file can be used as an input to enable further automated media processing. Using this system we have created a variety of applications for reporting and manipulating disk images. We have also developed an efficient system for allowing remote file-level access of disk images using XML-RPC and REST. Details can be found in our paper Automating Disk Forensic Processing with SleuthKit, XML and Python, Fourth International IEEE Workshop on Systematic Approaches to Digital Forensic Engineering (IEEE/SADFE'09), May 2009.

Relevant Publications