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NPS National Capital Region Office

900N Glebe, 5th Floor
Arlington, VA 22203
main number: (571) 858-3250 simson's number: (571) 858-3252

Traveling to NPS-NCR by Metro:

  1. Take Metro to Ballston, exit at ground
  2. Walk four blocks West to N. Glebe; Cross N. Glebe
  3. Walk one block south to 900N Glebe.
  4. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor and call up to NPS-NCR.

Traveling by car:

  1. Take I66 to Exit 71
  2. Go SOUTH.
  3. Turn right at 900N Glebe onto 9th Street at the Green Turtle
  4. Turn right again at the back of the building.
  5. Turn right again into the parking lot in the basement. NOTE: We do not validate parking
  6. Park and come up to the 2nd floor.

When you get to the second floor, you will need to have the receptionist call up to the Naval Postgraduate School on the 5th floor. Ask for Christine Kays, Mark Richer, or Simson Garfinkel to escort you to my office.