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MediaWiki Migration

Here are the steps I followed for migrating a mediawiki installation:

  1. create new wiki
  2. dump SQL tables for users and groups on old wiki and load onto new one
  3. run dumpUploads.php to get all of the uploaded files on old wiki.
  4. Put them all in a directory on the new server and run maintenance/importUploads to upload them all
  5. run maintenance/dumpBackup.php --full >file.xml on old wiki to produce XML file
  6. run maintenance/importDump file.xml on new wiki to get XML
  7. on new server, run:
    1. update.php
    2. refreshImageMetadata.php
    3. refreshLinks.php

Finally, change the nameservers to point to the new wiki

Mediawiki Migration without Shell Access to Old Server

Get the WikiTeam backup script that uses the API to create an XML backup from:

Create the new wiki

Get shell access on the new wiki and import the XML backup with

   $ php maintenance/importDump.php wiki-YYYYMMDD-history.xml