Virtuoso 2.0 ropes in new feature set

by Eliot Bergson

Richardson, TX Using the best technology to come out of Silicon Prairie, Altsys rounded up final beta testers in February for Virtuoso 2.0, its revamped design and publishing package.

"It has great potential," said Daniel Wasserman, a beta user at Light Printing, a New York-based service bureau. "It compares favorably with Adobe Illustrator 5.0."

Along with innovative path features and a multipage capability that has long topped users' wish lists, Altsys enhanced Virtuoso's crossplatform compatibility and gave it the power to write native EPS files that the software can parse and edit.

"Most of the new features came about from a cowboy attitude: 'I can do that,'"said Lorin Rivers, NEXTSTEP sales manager at Altsys.

The new version is set for an April release, with a suggested retail price of $995. Users of Virtuoso 1.0 will be able to upgrade for $149.

Educational pricing of a CD-ROM version, with partial documentation, was being set at press time.

Altsys: 214/680-2060.