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The NeXT Computer "Steve Jobs' new 'machine for the '90s'"

BYTE magazine's in-depth look at NeXT's beta hardware in 1988. This amazing article gives a detailed report on the technology and philosophies that guided the NeXT engineers. It's sometimes technical but well worth the read.


NeXT on the Agenda

In January of 1991, Macworld examined NeXT's second generation of hardware: the NeXTstations, the revised Cube, and the NeXTdimension video board. This favorable article makes several comparisons to the Macintosh and mostly finds Apple's offerings wanting.

Verbum The Implications of the Cube

This 1990 article from Verbum magazine is an overview of the first applications available for the Cube. Verbum was a magazine dedicated to desktop publishing, graphics, and multimedia on a variety of hardware platforms.

NeXTWORLD Resident Artistry

The brilliant designer of NeXT's icons, Keith Ohlfs, talks about his work.