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CSCI E-170 Calendar - Fall 2005

Final Projects

The final project is an original research project in which you and a group of three other people will do something new and then write about it. Whereas the midterm project was more like a book report, the final project is more like a miniature product design and development.

Although it is anticipated that many groups will develop a small application or demonstration for the final project, this is not a requirement. You simply have to do something new. You could perform a thorough analysis of software that you download. You could do a survey. You could even perform an in-depth thought experiment. But you must do something new and original.

You have enough time and enough people for the final project that you can do something substantial. It is anticipated that a final project could either be a publishable conference paper or be turned into one with not very much work.

Students are allowed to self-assign into groups of 4 students on a given topic. Any students who are not able to self-assign by November 29 will be assigned into groups as was done with the midterm project.

Technical Details for Project

The work product for your final project is a 10 page project report. Because you are actually building or doing something, you may find that you need to create a website, an application that can be downloaded, or what have you. However, the paper needs to stand by itself, and only the paper and your final presentation will be considered in the assigning of your final grade.

Specifications for the report:

The Final Presentation

For this assignment you will also be asked to produce an 8-minute presentation on your work. Just as the paper is in the spirit of a confernece paper, the presentation is in the spirit of a conference presentation. The presentation may be live or it may be pre-recorded and submitted as a Quicktime or DemoShield movie. There is no need to purchase any software to produce this "movie" - a slideshow with a -- pre-recorded voice saying "next slide" is acceptable.

Although your final project is about a piece of technology that you have created, you should not do a "live" demo of the software unless it cannot be helped. Instead, prepare some screen-shots or video-clips of the software in use. If possible, it is very nice to create a web page so that your fellow students can download and try out your project, but this is not necessary.

Project Suggestions

Below are some topics that would be worthy of a final project. Please note that these are suggestions only. You are free to create your own. For more ideas, you might check out Final Project Ideas from 6.857, the MIT course I helped teach in Fall 2003.