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Welcome to 10 Spring Street

"Hi! I'm Simson, and I'm standing in the master bedroom of our new house at 10 Spring Street in Vineyard Haven. We bought this house on May 26, 1995. It's about two blocks from the ferry terminal. We've got a view of the water from our second floor, and about a 1/4 acre behind the house. We are a 30 second walk from Main Street, where there is a drug store, a movie theater, a cafe, and a few expensive resturants. But you probably want to know about our house, right?

"Well, let me tell you, 10 Spring Street is a beautiful house. It was originally built in the 1840s and expanded several times since. The last big building spree was in the 1940s. Unfortunately, it was all done with inferior materials that now needs to be replaced."

"Let me take you on a tour through the house!"